Delight is passionate about decks because they make any backyard living space better. Imagine all the backyard parties or family events you can enjoy on your new deck!

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Let our Tacoma deck builders help you design a functional deck for your home. Delight's decks are practical solutions to unruly lawns, sloped yards, and erosion problems. A premium backyard deck is also an extension of your indoor living space, and our designed decks can double as a retreat for relaxing, dining, or entertaining. As one of Tacoma's premier deck installation companies, Delight works with customers to create a beautifully designed custom deck they'll love. Our experienced backyard deck builders focus on creating custom decks that their customers love.



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Wooden Decking can help you enjoy long-term value with low maintenance and durability.

The cost of building a deck in the Seattle Greater area depends on several factors. The type of material you choose, its size and shape, and the complexity of your design all affect the price. In this area, certain materials such as pressure-treated wood and composite materials like Trex are popular because they can withstand moisture better than other types of wood. Also, larger decks might cost more because you need more materials to build them or because they have additional features like stairs or railings.

Another factor to consider in the Seattle Greater area is the terrain type of your property. If your property is on a slope or uneven ground, it may require more prep and construction to ensure a stable and safe deck. This should add to the overall investment to the project.

In addition, some local municipalities in the Seattle Greater area may require a permit for deck installation. Also, the price of a license varies by city, and it's important to consider this in your overall budget. A reputable deck contractor in the area can help you determine if a permit is required and assist with the application process.

Ultimately, the cost of a deck installation in the Seattle Greater area will depend on your specific needs and preferences. Working with a professional deck contractor is important to ensure a successful outcome.

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Answers to commonly asked questions

When tasked with constructing a deck, it's crucial to pick the type of timber that fits your region and financial capacity. Opting for cedar or redwood can assure you natural-based durability plus resistance against insects and decay, but they do come at quite an expense. Alternatively, if affordability is a priority, pressure-treated wood could be considered yet its upkeep would necessitate routine checkups to counteract decomposition.

A spacious decking may be more fitting for socializing purposes whereas a compact one can still furnish an inviting spot where bonding or indulging in literature could transpire alongside acquaintances.

A wooden deck needs a little love and care to keep it looking good. Cleaning, staining, and sealing will protect your deck from weather damage and rot. Inspect it often for damage or wear and tear, and fix what needs fixing.

A wooden deck’s lifespan depends on many factors, including the type of wood used and the quality and frequency of maintenance. Wooden decks can last from 8 to 10 years with proper care.

The wooden deck installation is riddled with obstacles, making it laborious and arduous. Bringing in an expert will guarantee that your deck gets put up accurately while adhering to all necessary safety protocols and construction regulations; furthermore, we can offer priceless guidance on its upkeep.

If your wooden deck is showing any of these signs, it's important to address them promptly: warped boards, loose railings or stairs, signs of rot or decay (soft or spongy wood), water pooling on the surface or around the base of posts. If extensive damage occurs and replacing your entire deck may be more cost-effective. We can help assess the condition of your old deck and recommend the best course of action.